Animated content has more impact than simple content. It’s an understood fact that people get inspiration from animated content. If you are planning to inspire people by creating a blog or video, you have better go with animated videos. You can upload animated stories on various social media apps including Instagram and Facebook etc. Further, you can also create GIF to grab the attention of people, even still photos can also be converted into animated ones with various apps. If you are looking for various apps to turn simple and still photos into animated videos, you can do it online or with apps.

How to Animate Still Photos Online?

You can animate still photos online by using some applications that can make your job easier. You can easily convert a static image into a moving one by using magnificent apps. Usually, designers and photographers use software to design images and videos. It involves editing and designing images. Here you with the apps that can help you manage the job!


PixaMotion is a terrific animation app that can allow you several features when it comes to fixing still images. It’s a free app that can edit and animate photos you want. Further, you can apply photo filters to manage the app on different modes. It’s up to you whether you animate the whole picture or you move with some part of the picture, the app has got stunning animation modes that help you to a great extent. Above all, you get the option of saving your videos once ready. The app is free that provides joy to users, but if you want to upgrade videos, you can look for paid subscriptions.


If you are looking for online tools to improve your still photos, you can try Plotgraph to fix your art. The app is free, but the paid option is available for users who want to enjoy next-level features. At the moment, the users are satisfied with the free version of the app. Thankfully, the app offers awesome photo animation modes that users enjoy under proper guidance and instructions. Indeed, it’s a terrific tool for beginners who want to learn about photo editing and photo filter. Moreover, you can don’t have to use other software to export animated still photos. Plotagraph provides you this feature.

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Movepic – Photo Motion

If you need a photo editor where you can change your still photos into animated, you should try Movepic to get the desired results. It’s a good app for beginners who want to bring colors to their still images. The app has got awesome features, as it has the facility of camera option and speed control that makes it durable. Anyone can fall in love with this app because of its superb animated features. A user can put effects on the video and the app is supported by several filters that can entirely change the look of the video. Are you ready to turn your still photos into animated? Give it a try and download the free version of the app.


StoryZ is also a tremendous addition that turns all your still photos into moving. You can animate a range of photos by utilizing the filters, camera tools, and photo effects of this app. The app comes with vast functionality that not only turns your images, but it allows you to save your videos in GIF format. The option to remove the watermark is also available on this app that makes it highly demanding on the web. Importantly, the app is good for Android and iOS devices.

multiple images slideshows is a reputed app that people use to make gif images and videos. It’s an app that allows you to make wonderful gif videos. Further, you can animate your still images by using this app. The app is online and users find it easier to manage, no matter if it comes to creating gif images or simple images. It works great! Above all, you can turn your GIF images into various sizes and modes. Animation speed is mind-blowing and the most important thing is to add music into the video. With the addition of music, you can inspire more people.


3D models multiple images animation

Last but not least is the 3Dthis. It’s a perfect app used for converting simple images into animated without doing many efforts. The app is based on 3D models and that’s the specialty of using this software for turning images into videos. You can use people’s faces to turn them into animations by using the advanced features of 3Dthis. Also, you can create free 3D designs that are ready to print. Among all platforms that people use for converting still photos into animated, 3Dthis seems to be the most authentic and reliable. It is easy to operate and run, so download this free app to stay around animation.

Should You Animate Your Photos?

Many users are concerned when it comes to changing their images and videos. Some do it as a hobby while some consider it a job, so different situations and scenarios are there when we look at free editing apps. Those who deal with social media marketing services prefer to use such types of apps because they need to make gif images and videos. In this way, they have to search for the tools and apps that can help them design stupendous images. Additionally, for turning still images into animated, they can find these apps helpful.

If you are searching for online apps for this purpose, don’t look further. Get in touch with the above mentioned six apps for making animations. All the apps are free and easy to download, some of them have got paid subscriptions for enhancing skills. If you haven’t tried these apps yet, it’s time for you to give it a try!

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