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For creative people, this top Cartoon animator 4 is the best animation application to bring life into their ideas. So, just think about your childhood memories, when you wakeup early in the morning on Saturday to watch your liked cartoon show. Even it takes almost 30 minutes to watch the cartoon but there is a team of animators behind this, working for months frame by frame to make it happen.

Top Cartoon Animator 2022

Now a days, due to top animator applications and software, you can make your own cartoons and animations easily. Also, no special skill required and you can do it in minutes.

So, we recommend you top Cartoon Animator 4 for this purpose. Also, this is a 2D animation app which used to animate and design characters. You can get very simple and step by step guide to make and animate different characters from beginning to finish in this top Cartoon Animator application. Moreover, it has built in character templates that you can use easily.

Select your Character- Top Cartoon Animator

To begin, you can use a template or can make your own character, or you can mix both. However, if you don’t have anything in mind, this top cartoon animator has full built-in characters that you can select with various scenarios, even animals and objects.

For start, select the person with forward face and no glasses. It will help to start anchor points and other animation settings. You can select template by opening Cartoon Animator then go to Content Manager, Actor and template. Then, select the head of character and click on composer tool of character. Here, you can make changes that you want.

Also, character composer option will guide you all the way for masking and cropping. You can make wireframes and other tunings to your character. So, after the wireframing, check the calibration of character by using calibration tools to match the orientation.

make your own animation

Moreover, you can add specific face parts to animate like eyes. This top cartoon animator has stock of parts of body of character. Also, you can select full body image to start from scratch and add basic structure of bones to animate later.

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How to Animate Character:

Go to stage mode of this top Cartoon Animator application and make it speak. Select the character and then select the Create Script option. Also, you can record own voice, upload a voice in audio format or can add text file for character. Cartoon animator will match face movements to the script and to give voice to the character that you made. Also, adding animation is very easy, you can drag and drop actions from template. So, just select the character and click on animation tab.

Moreover, to add realism, you can add 2D or 3D character animations. Just double click on animation that you want to add. However, you have freedom to add manual setting and own keyframes. They regularly update their library of animations. So, you can make your own cartoons and animate them easily.


This is the best and Top Cartoon Animator. You can make cartoon animations within minutes easily. We hope that you will like and appreciate our suggestion.

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