Every office worker uses PDF files to read important documents. The use of Microsoft Office and PDF is common in workplaces, so we can’t deny the usage of these files to view important documents. Unfortunately, PDF files are not for editing, as people only view these files for reading documents. Thankfully, the PDF Editor Apps have been introduced for Android & IOS devices. Now users can easily edit their documents on their smartphones and tablets. You can now look at the editing options on your smartphones to open any file you want with comfort. PDF editor apps come in many ways, some of the best apps are given below.

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor is a perfect editor that many users operate at offices. It’s a free app that is easier to operate and works smoothly. You can edit all the documents to manage your tasks through this editor app. Further, it allows you to store documents on Google Drive and Dropbox. Interestingly, you can highlight the lines to be changed anytime with this PDF editor. If you are concerned with language, you can operate the app in English, Italian, and Chinese.

Foxit MobilePDF

PDF editing has now become easier with the invention of Foxit MobilePDF. You can enjoy hassle-free editing with this app at any place. You just need a good internet connection to operate Microsoft files on this application. Further, you can also convert your MS files into PDF with this lightweight app. The app also comes in an attractive design. Above all, the advanced features make this app valuable, but all functions are not free. You have to pay to enjoy the full version of this app.


If you are willing to convert Microsoft files into PDF or you want to edit your files, you can make effective use of PDFelement to get the editing job done. You get the option of highlighting the text along with changes in the text. The functions are free and easy to use, even you can edit many files at the same time. The app is ideal for all users, but it is best for IOS users. The most irritating point is that it requires registration.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is the most popular app to edit PDF files. If you already use this software on your desktop, then you can find it easier to use on the smartphone. It is available for all iOS and Android devices. You can meet all your PDF needs by using this app whether it comes to underlining and highlighting the text. Further, you can also scan your PDF documents with this app, as it is easy to use. For enjoying advanced features, you can go for a paid subscription.

WPS Office

WPS Office is another PDF viewing and editing app that provides so many benefits to users, especially those who want to make effective use of Microsoft Office files. You can easily create a PDF document by using this app whether it comes to using Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, etc. The app is lightweight also covers basic editing features. Above all, the app is also good for reading documents.


If you are searching for proper and comfortable editing options on the apps, you can find OfficeSuite the best for editing and reading PDF documents. Not only you can view PDF files, but you can also scan documents. Interestingly, if you use a full version of OfficeSuite, you can edit the text easily by converting word files into PDF. You can edit the text in around 68 languages, and also it has the option to store data in the drive.

Polaris Office

Polaris Office is an office app used for reading and editing texts in different extensions. You can utilize this app for editing various texts, so it’s an app that gives you so many benefits on one platform. Overall, the app has got a terrific design and it is easier to use. If we look at the drawbacks, we find that the app is not free for enjoying all features. A user has to follow paid subscription options to enjoy all the features of this app.

Docs To Go

If you are searching for good editing options to modify your PDF files, you can use Docs To Go to manage your documents. It is good for adding bookmarks and copying the text. You can edit and read your files comfortably through this app. For Android devices, the app is perfect while for Apple devices the app is not much supportive. Normally, a user wants an app that supports all Android and iOS devices. So, it’s a negative point that makes this app less demanding.

PDF Editor by Desygner

A lot of PDF editor apps are available for editing content, but no app is better than PDF Editor by Desygner when it comes to editing the text. It helps to highlight and change every single text in your PDF file. Further, you can replace any part of your document such as logo, text, and abstract as well. The app is easy to use and works fast, but there is a drawback as well. You can only edit 50 pages for free or at least 20MB of files. It’s a feature that irritates users when they use this PDF editor.

Write on PDF

If you are looking for a particular app to use on Android devices, you can use Write on PDF to read and edit text on PDF files. You can write and draw content on various PDF files by using this perfect app. Furthermore, the app is good for storing PDF files and you can use it easily on Samsung devices. The only drawback is that it supports Android devices and also it comes with limited editing functions.

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