Bitmoji is a great app, it will help you turn into a cool emoji in a moment. It’s used your photo to shape out your cartoonish face and then generate a pack of thousands of emoji’s to fit into all the figure of speech. So, you can say, it’s a personalized version of emoji’s. May be few people does not like the idea of being a cartoon to just share their feeling and expression. Or the emoji’s generated by the Bitmoji are not well enough to convey the exact feeling of the person. One more reason to find out Bitmoji alternative may be to up a person emoji’s game to next level, By having every kind of emoji’s at hand.

Here we are with the top 5 Bitmoji Alternatives.

These Bitmoji Alternatives are the good place to start with finding a suitable alternative. Let’s roll.

Mirror: Avatar creator, make own personal stickers

Mirror is the best alternative of Bitmoji. This AI enabled android app, helps you kick start in your own personalized emojis pack. Just take a selfie and your featured memoji pack is ready. Thousands of different emoji’s available at one tap. It required a little effort from your side, and you will amaze your friends with your esthetic customized emoji’s. You have full control on your personalized avatar. As you can play around different head shape, hair styles, eyebrows, eyes, lips, beard, skin tone, clothes and stylish accessories like glasses, earrings, and other makeup items. Once you have made your avatar in mirror, you can enable Mirror Keyboard to access the avatar anywhere i.e., in chats, messages. Although you have access on many free avatars of your personalized pack, but you might need to pay for some, That are more of premium nature.

Memoji – Sticker Maker

Tons of sticker pack in this Bitmoji alternative, but most of them are premium. If you do not mind paying a little for tons of stickers library, this app is perfect for you. You will find Mr. Bean, Minion, Zootopia premade stickers. There is also a list of categories available to helps you in sending a perfect sticker i.e., dog, cat, love, anime, superhero and many more. There is also a search option in the Memoji, which will be help you in finding a sticker of the moment.

MojiPop – Art Metaverse

This alternative app of Bitmoji is also immensely powerful. It can make cool avatar from your selfie. You can make necessary changes by playing around with the different shapes and patterns. Once you done, you will be astonished with the beautiful compilation of stickers, it made for you. The best feature of this app is animated avatar, or you can say gifs. Its cool to have dance on someone comments by using your avatar. It has a huge community to support this app. You should definitely enjoy this app.

Facemoji Emoji Keyboard Pro

This keyboard is made for just emojis. So, you will find thousands of emojis in this app. Every day the new facemoji’s are added in the keyboard. If you are looking for simple bitmoji alternative, this app is for you. Install this app and forget about complex AI based customized avatar.

Emoji keyboard – Theme,Sticker

Another keyboard app, with tons of themes and functionalities. A choice of more than 100 million peoples. It has 5k+ emoji’s pack for you. 6k plus colorful keyboard themes. Further, you can access huge collection of trending gifs and stickers in this app. Amazing fonts collection so you can send customized text in the whatsapp.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed our list of Bitmoji alternatives. Do let us know, in the comments. Which substitute app is perfect or suitable for you.

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