Smileys are a essential part of today’s chat. So here are some best apps for you to make your own custom smiley.

What smiley – smileys, gifs, emoticons and stickers:

emoticons & stickersThis app is one of the most favourite apps you can find on Play Store with the five million plus downloads and a very good rating of four point six it is very amazing app because it has a large number of tools and features to make smileys and you can use that smileys in your keyboard or at any other social media platform. The interface of this app is very interesting and understandable, a beginner can make smileys without any confusion. The learning curve of this app is not too much for a normal person

Mirror emoji keyboard and sticker maker:

Emoji Keyboard & Sticker MakerMirror emoji keyboard is not like simple keyboards, there is something which makes this app unique and that is its amazing features like making custom emoji and smileys. In case you want to make your custom smiley in this app there are a lot of tools and features but if you has no time and does not want to make your own emoji or smiley you can use pre installed emoji and smileys in this app and if you want to alter something in them, you can also do that in this app. The interface of app is very. understandable and easy to use.

Emojidom smiley & emoji maker:

Smiley & Emoji MakerOne good thing about plant purple apps is that they have separate apps for each thing like smileys, emoticons and emoji and here we are talking about the smiley app. In smiley app they have a large no of built-in smileys for your usage. And if you want to make your custom smiley, you can also make that in just a few clicks and there is a feature by which you can also make your face and a smiley by just taking your photo and putting things on your face. This app has a personal collection in emoji dome where you can put and save your  smileys.

Whats lov – smileys of love, stickers and gifs:

Smileys of loveThis app is especially for people who want to make  love emoji or love smileys. If you want to impress your partner by sending them special or creative love smiley, you can make your own custom smiley in this app and can impress your partner but you can also make other smileys in this app, there are no restriction but for love smileys this app is this app is best. The interface of the app is very lovely as its  work and also very easy to understand. You can easily share your love smileys through this app to other social media platforms or people.

Emoji maker – create stickers and memoji:

Create Stickers & MemojiThis app claims that their limitation is according to your creativity, which means they can make all possible emoji and smileys which you can create in your mind. This is a very big claim which makes this app a flexible app. This app also has face smileys and face emoji which means you can take your picture and can crop your face and make it emoji and smiley by altering and adding something in it. The interface of the app is similar to other apps and very easy to understand you can share your emoji and smileys to other social media platforms or can use them in Google keyboard directly.

Smiley face emoji – new animated stickers and emoji:

Smiley Face Emoji Sound Animated Facemoji StickersThis app is not just a simple smiley making app this app is unique and different because it is a chat corner, you can also chat here with other people by using emoji and smileys it is fun to use but not so much fun for a long period of time. You can make your custom emoji and smileys easily in this app by using the tools they provide you. There are large number of built in or pre installed emoji and smileys in this app, you can also alter them. The interface of this app is very unique in look but easy to understand you can also share those emoji and smileys in other social media platforms or can use them in your keyboard.

Emoji keyboard – cute emoticons and stickers:

Cute EmoticonsEmoji keyboard is a very unique and different keyboard because it sports more than 150 languages all over the world. As it is obvious from the name that the emoji keyboard is specially made for emoji and smileys, you can make custom emoji and smileys in this app and if you are not interested in this, you can also use built-in or pre installed emoji or smileys in this app. There are a lot of tools to make personal emoji or smileys. The interface of the app is very  easy and smooth in usage.

Emoji maker – Smileys Apps

Emoji MakerThis app is all in one app, you can make smileys, emoji and emoticons all in one app. This app is very reliable and smooth in making custom smileys, the colours are very vivid in this app and the graphics are very good, you can use that customs smileys in your keyboard or on other social media platforms. The interface of the app is very easy and intuitive. You can share your content with other friends directly from the app. If you are willing to just alter the smileys in this app then there are a thousands of combinations.

Big emoji – Smileys Apps

i2Symbol EmojiBig emoji app is very reliable when it comes to making custom emoji or smileys because this app has a great number of customization when you are making custom smileys like your tune colour skin colour eyes and every feature you need to maintain your look according to your need. You can also change background and other several details which other apps does not allow you. This thing makes this app very flexible in terms of usage. The interface of this app is very easy and reliable. You can easily understand the tools and use them without any confusion, you can also share your content with other people’s through social media platforms.

ASCII faces – Smileys Apps

ASCII FacesThis app is different from other apps because it does not make graphical smileys and emoji. This app use letters and symbols to make smileys just like they were made in early mobile age. You can make smileys using letters and symbols in this app or can alter the pre installed or built in smileys in this app. This app is specially for 90s people who love the symbolic emoji or smileys. You can share and use these emoji in keyboard and can share it to your friends on other social media platforms. And this smileys are very light in storage because they do not use graphical representation.

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All these Smileys apps are used by thousand of people. Please suggest in comments, which application you have tested, liked and recommend.

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