Even after the invention of technology nothing replaced comics and today people still love to read comics and artist make them. Here are some awesome apps if you want to create your own comic.

comic apps for android

Comic and cartoon maker:

Draw Anime & MangaComic and cartoon makers is not an app for comic drawing it is just for comic making. You chose pictures from your gallery or from the app and put them in order of comic with the help of comic tools like pop up balloons for dialogues, so many comic filters to change your image in cartoonist look which may fit good in comics, transparency for better looks and so many stickers which are built in the app. This app is best to turn up real life into comics. This app has a very good rating on play store and people love it.

Comicker – The real comic maker:

Comicker -The real comic makerComicker is a professional app for artist, which want to make professional comics, like manga comics has the biggest market and most of their artist use android apps to create manga comics and this app is one of them. This app provides you 6 thousand plus built in images of 23 categories like action, sci-fi and urban etc. You can share your content easily by just one click on any social media platform like face book, whats app and Instagram etc. This app is very amazing and good for detailed comics with a lot of dialogues.

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Comic and meme creator:

Comic & Meme CreatorOne of the best apps you can find on play store right now because of its remarkable features like a huge collection of characters, a lot of backgrounds for them and so many side objects. This app also works as a platform for artist so you can share your content inside this app and so you can support and like on others content through this you will get good advices from other artist because only an artist can understand other artist. This app also allows you to share your content easily outside the app with out any mark.

How to draw comics:

How To Draw ComicsThis app is different from other apps because it is a learning app for comic makers. This app gives you training how to draw a comic by providing you a track of line which you follow makes a comic or character. This app not only teaches you how to draw  it also teaches you the use of drawing tools because without them you can not make a good comic. This is quite interesting for a beginner but do not use this app if you are an artist because you will get bored.

Photo comics – super stickers:

Photo Comics – Super StickersPhoto comics is another amazing app to change your memories into comics for joy or tease some one. You can change your real photos into comics by using comic tools like filters, effects and shades etc. This app is very handy to use. Interface of this app is quite good and easy to use most of the people liked it. This app has built in marvel comics style theme and filters for you and you can use them in your daily life and can become a hero for fun. This app can also be used if you have pre built characters.


MediBang Paint - drawingMedibang is always been an all rounder when it comes to art apps. Medibang is every ones favourite because of its amazing features and tools and their customization. This app has a great no of features for comics like different text fonts and bubbles for dialogues, a large no of brushes for paint and all are customizable, so many texture, background, filters and so many other stuff you will need to make a good comic. If you has a stylus supported device you can draw every inch of your comic by yourself.

Sketchbook – draw and paint:

SketchBook - draw and paintSketch book is an amazing app if you are a professional artist and draw every inch of your comic by self. Specially for the manga artist because they have to draw every page my them selves. Thus sketch book is best for sketchy comics because it’s tools are best in sketching like pencils of adjustable size, touch sensitive feature and many more. The interface of sketch book is quite simple and it provides you almost real life experience. This app is logo and mark free so you no need to worry about removing the mark or logo.

Artflow – paint  Draw Sketch:

ArtFlow: Paint Draw SketchbookThis app has some of the most unique features only paid apps provide like palm rejection ( which prevents your image form any distortion or mess caused by your hand’s palm touching the screen while drawing ). This feature is very unique and only found in paid apps. Another very amazing feature which is known as touch sensitivity feature is also found in this app which allows you to draw and change thickness and darkness of a pencil just by pressure just kike real life this feature is very unique and will work only if your device supports this feature too.

Ibis paint x:

ibis Paint XIbis paint x is a very famous and one of the most downloaded  app on play store with more than 45 million plus downloads only on play store. This app carries a crazy amount of tools and features like over 2500 materials, over 700 fonts, which provides 312 brushes, 58 filters, 46 screen tones, 27 blending modes. This app is on some next level because it has its own YouTube channel where they provide tutorials and tricks which you can perform on their app and  that is why some people downloaded this because they get easy support from YouTube.

Art rage:

ArtRage Draw, Paint, Create This app claims to be the most realistic app found in the market because of its interface and features like natural colours for painting, special pencils for sketching, supports every type of stylus like s pen and other stylus. this app provides the most realistic brushes and you can customize them even according to your choice and use there are no limitations. This app also supports touch sensitivity which means you can apply pressure to make some line dark like real life and can make a line light by applying less pressure ( real life mechanism).

All these app are best no matter how complex or detailed comic you want to make give them a try.


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