A step by Step Guide to Make Photo Book With Canva

Canva offers you to create digital and physical photo albums. Let us show you how to make photo book with Canva.

If you’ve ever been to your grandparents’ house, you’re probably familiar with the following scenario. Grandma shows you how grown up you are and how much you resemble your parents, after which an old photo album comes out to prove it.

Now, because most of the photos are digital, people rarely have real photo albums at home. But, if you miss the feeling of rummaging through your photo albums, or you just want your grandma to have a new album, Canva makes it easy for you. And we’ll show you how to make photo book with Canva.

A step by step guide how to make photo book with canva

Prepare Your Images

First you required to decide what the photo album is about. They may appear over a certain period of time, and photos of you and your friends or partners may show off or look like scrapbooks. So, anything you decide can help with your design and layout later.

Then, you should gather all the images you want to include, preferably in one folder. This will save you time. Also, the most important thing is to make sure the image is high resolution.  2048 x 1536 pixels or larger is ideal for printing albums.

Moreover, if you plan to digitize old photos, you must scan them in high resolution. Photos taken with a good cell phone or digital camera will probably do just as well. However, if you have a small image that you want to use, there is a way to enlarge the image without losing quality.

Start a New Project on Canva

2 start new project on canva make photo book with canva

Now, you can move on to nitty-gritty. Canva Photobook Maker is an excellent choice to help you make unique and personalized photo albums. Also, you can insert images one at a time, or as a collage with backgrounds and text to complement each memory.

Moreover, making your own photobook doesn’t require much time and money. With its huge collection of templates and simple tools, you can make and have fun with your favorite photo albums.

First, select a canva template. There are 1000 plus options to select from and can be merged for a variety of uses. From weddings to proms to birthdays and more, they have designs for every occasion. Also, no need to worry about messing around with the layout. Its design templates already look great. Then you required to insert an image. Also, uploading photos couldn’t be that easier. Just drag and drop from your desktop and it will appear right in the editor’s Downloads folder.

Enhance your photos with the built-in photo editor

Make your photos come alive like precious memories with Canva photo book maker. So, make your photos crisp and clear with Canva’s built-in photo editor. Adjust the saturation or contrast to make colors and textures stand out. Or, add filters to customize the mood of your image.

Photobook is as unique as you

The template is designed to be personalized, so you can change the color, position and illustration to get the look you want. Or, you can create your own photo album from scratch. Also, create the perfect layout for your page using Canva’s grid sets.

Collaborate with friends and family

Turn your photo album into a creative design project for your team with friends, family or co-workers. So, click the Share button, check the box to grant edit permission, and share the link. Because Canva designs are hosted in the cloud, you (and anyone you give access to) can open your designs on your computer or laptop anytime, anywhere. Add Canva to your iOS and Android devices to take your designs on the go. So, download this free app from the App Store or Google Play.

Also, if you haven’t signed up yet, start here (don’t worry, the free version is enough). After that click the “Create Design” button at the top of its home page. Then, enter “Photobook” and choose the size you want. You can also choose a custom design if you want to use a different size.

Find the Perfect Template

Find the perfect template make photo book with canva

Make Photo Book with Canva. One of Canva’s most powerful features is its templates. People with no design experience can have a hard time figuring out which colors, fonts, and elements go well together. Because Canva templates are created by professional designers. So, you can achieve great results.

On the left side of the work screen, you can see the templates for your photo albums (if you can’t see them, type “photo albums” in the template search bar). Divided into categories for easy navigation and each page contains 22 pages. So, you can get a different design on each page.

Also, double-tap the design you want and then click Apply All Page 22 to use it in your document. You can also apply it to only one or a few individual pages. To do this, use the plus sign (+) at the bottom of the screen to add pages to the workbook. Then, click a different template page for each page.

Also, some designs may have watermarks. It means you have to pay the price to use it. However, if only certain images are watermarked, you can always replace them with your own images or images from our free Canva library.

Upload Your Pictures-Make Photo Book with Canva

Upload your pictures on Canva

It’s time to insert the images into the page and define the final look of the album. To do this, you need to upload it to Canva’s cloud.

So, click the Downloads tab on the left side of the screen and click Download Media. Also, you can drag and drop from a folder on your computer. To put it in an album, select the page and drag the image inward. As soon as you fill the frame, place it.

Add Text-Make Photo Book With Canva

Add text on pictures

If the template already has text, just double-click to edit it. To add text, go to the Text tab on the left and double-click on the desired type. You can zoom in and change the color and font using the tools in the top bar.

The default font for the textbox is Open Sans, but when you open the font window, the first font is the one that uses the template. For consistency, it’s best to stick with this.

Moreover, another feature that helps keep the design consistent is the color picker. Also, you can usually see the different colors in the image by clicking on them. Color coordinates would be helpful.

Make Some Tweaks-Make Photo Book

Make some tweaks photo book

This is the main portion where you can be creative. Patterns are useful, but they don’t always match exactly what you want. Fortunately, Canva lets you customize it however you want. Also, you can delete specific pages or navigate to them using the bar at the bottom of the screen.

In the Elements tab you can remove grids and frames and add new ones. This tab also has stickers, lines, and shapes to help you customize your album later.

Finalize the Album-Make Photo Book

Finalize the photo album

Want to hear what others have to say before you print your album? You can send an email message using the share button at the top of the screen. If you want to collaborate with them, you can also share the link to edit the album.

When done, click Preview at the top of the screen to see what it will look like. You can then use the download icon (down arrow) at the top to save the album as a PDF file or share it on social media. If you’ve read all of this to print the actual album, don’t be discouraged. Also, Canva prints physical copies of your albums at a reasonable cost.

Choose from print sizes, hardcover, paperback, glossy or matte finish. You can then preview your images before entering your billing and shipping details to make sure everything is going the way you want and there are no cuts in the printing process.

Create an Album That Grandma Would Be Proud Of

That’s it! This guide will help you create beautiful photo albums with Canva that you will cherish for years to come. And if you print a physical copy, you can even give it to your family and friends. We hope you enjoy what we recommend and discuss the guide to make a photo book with Canva! This is also very cost effective.


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