Top Auto-Tune Your Voice Apps for Android

Singing is easy in today’s world. No matter, if your voice is perfect or you have knowledge of complex instruments. All you need an auto tuner app on your android or iOS device. It will take you only a few days to play around with auto tuner apps and you will be ready to lunch your first mix. Give the below apps a try and you will agree with us.

Voloco: Auto Vocal Tune Studio

Voloco app is just like your personal studio for recording and experimenting with different vocals and sounds. As the name suggest it will auto fine tune your voice to mix with the selected beat. It has 40+ vocal effects and 1k+ free beats to play around. Further, it has powerful audio editor, that will help you trim the audio based on your music taste. You can select multiple layers of vocals to mix up your track. There are huge list of top producers beats to select from. The best thing about this app is, you can separate vocals from any audio or video.

Tune Me

This app offers 500+ free beats with pitch shift and auto pitch effects. It will sync your vocal with calibration and clip light features to the selected beat. With calibration feature you can sync your voice with the audio track. And with clip light feature, the app will let you know if you are auto of track (singing to loudly). The visual sound bars help you in maintaining a constant voice throughout the recording. The pro version offers many advance features such as extra effects, Harmonizing the audio, import audio track and recording from an existing point.

Rapchat: Auto Tune Music Maker

This app offers 150K+ instruments to mix your vocals. You can collab with friends to make a beat. Its community is very welcoming and offer rewards in tournaments of song making and rapping. Its editor offers features of voice changing, reverb and compression. Further, you can add track layers, plug in and plug out effects. You can also use its notepad feature to write up lyrics.

Auto Voice Tune Recorder

Its pretty simple app, record your voice and apply sound tunning effect and enjoy your splendid singing. You can edit the audio using simple controller. Further, you can also export your audio as ringtones. You can also set the saved audio as notification and alarm ringtone.

AutoTune – Voice Recorder for Singing

It is a powerful and beautiful autotune voice recorder for your singing experience. Select beats from your internal storage or choose from built-in collection of app. Its simple but powerful equalizer helps you, in tunning your voice to perfect a pitch which makes you a pro singer in no time.

OffTop: Auto Tune Music Studio

This app helps you in writing your own lyrics with unlimited storage. You can record songs on these lyrics. This tool is used by professionals to record songs and write lyrics. You can browse vast list of instruments or even pick from your own music library. Further, you can mix your track with multiple audios and FX.

All these apps help you in building confidence in singing. You can start small, and these apps active communities will help you in fine tunning your singing talent. New instruments and beats are added regularly. Further, other artist inspirational work also motivates you to use these apps on daily basis. Let us know in the comments, which is your best voice tuner app.

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