Top 8 Sound Effect Apps for Android 2022

It’s easy to get lost in the today’s fast pacing world. The mornings are stressful due to late night parties or workloads. The roads to office are noisy. The people around you are constantly talking, talking, and little poor you are bearing all this noise, which ultimately occupy your mind all day long. After sometimes you realize that you need a break to go out on vacations and have some me time in the beach or forest. And then you realize it’s not possible until next week or next month etc. Well, best cartoon is here with the top sound effects apps. And you might be wondering, how on the earth my frustration solution leads to sound effects apps? The idea is pretty simple; whenever we go close to the nature, we feel relieved and happy. These sounds effects are specifically designed to cool down yourself.

Let’s go through from them one by one and you will understand these sound effects importance.

Nature Sounds

If you are in love with nature, then you will surely know that the nature is full of beautiful sounds effects. The birds are chirping, the waterfalls are making soothing sound, rain in the forest making mesmerizing sounds and so on. In this app you will find a few natural sounds effects. The selection is limited but it is high quality. It includes relaxing ocean sound effect, calming field, summer forest, waterfall, mountain forest, windy mountains, evening lake, rain on grass, perfect rain, rain on window, thunderstorm, calm night, warm campfire, scratching, tapping, page turning, chewing, whispering, breathing, crackling, cat purring sound effect. Some of the sound effects are available in the premium version. The best thing about this app is, you can mix different sound effects (up to 3) to get next level relaxation feeling i.e., maxing ocean sound with piano sound with birds chirping etc. You can listen to a sound as long as you want. Also, there is a timer option so you can listen the sounds in the night and fall asleep while listening to these sound effects without the worry of turning off sound effects.

The Whip sound

This whip sound effect helps you in cracking the moment with friends, when you make a joke and shake your mobile to someone, and a whipping sound effect is produced. Its similar to the app that Sheldon used in The Big Bang Theory. The best thing about this app is, once you start using it, your punching lines are incomplete without whipping sound effect. This app currently offers 4 sound effects, which can be changed from the setting. Again, a limited collection but very high quality.

Gun Shot – Sounds

This app offers several gunshots sounds (MINIGUN, G36C, AP7A1, AA-12, .50 CAL, AK47, MP5, M60, FAMAS, M4A1, M32, RPG-7, SHOTGUN, DESERT EAGLE .50, RIFLE, AUG and SS2). There is a Bomb sound effect also included in case you are bored with gun sounds. All you need is select your preferred gun and tap on the screen for a single shot or hold down the figure touch for automatic fire. The app also offers some animations while providing sounds, the screen flash, the flame at the tip of gun and the mobile is vibrating to give yourself a fire satisfaction. Its addicting and setting also included ammunition reloading sound as well. Further, you can also set these gun shots as your ringtones by using this app from the setting menu.

Nature Sounds

This app is like above mentioned natural sounds app. But it also includes beautiful relevant wallpaper with the sound effects. You merge different sounds effects to satisfy your thrust. You can on the timer and play the sound in background. Its work offline as well. Further, you can add sounds effect to your favorites list and as a ringtone.

Animal Sounds

This app is going to be the best app for your kids. It offers 160+ animals sound effects. But the great thing about this app, its not only providing animals voices but also included their pictures and information. Further, you can also change languages to know the animals’ names in different languages (40+). Three games included in this app for your kids to remember the voice and information of the animal. You can also apply sounds effects as your ringtones. Animals are also classified in different categories for your easy.

100 Sound Buttons

Very simple to use sound effect app, select the image of the subject, you want to listen sound effect. 120+ sounds effects including animals, cars, and other day to day voices.

Car Sounds & Ringtones

If you are car lover, this app is for you. Its cover not only latest car models images but also included their horn sounds. You can also apply these car sounds as notification alert tune such as calls, and messages tunes etc.

Study Ambience: music & sounds

It’s easy to distract in today world, where everything required your constant attention. So, it’s hard to focus on any task or specially studies. These sound effects are designed to help you focus long hours of study without stressing yourself. It includes melodies and binaural beats. Further, you can adjust the beat of different instruments. Because the app is specially designed for the students, so it’s came with a pomodoro timer tool, while helps you stay focus for the hours of work. You can also learn some quick scientific fun facts in this app as well.

Iet us know the comments, which sound effect app is your favoriteand which one your recommend to best cartoon app community.

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