If you are fond of watching movies without subtitles, then you must be a native speaker who doesn’t need concentration to watch the movies. Despite native speaking concerns, many people like to watch movies without subtitles. But there are cases too, where people wish to watch movies with subtitles just to develop a better understanding. Unfortunately, some movies come without substiles. How do you watch thrilling scenes without any support? Let’s use these websites to download your favorite movie subtitles!


Subscene subtitle website

So many people use this subtitle library that facilitates movie watches with complete understanding. If you are to watch a movie, make sure you have access to this website to translate your movies into the language you are comfortable with. The website has converted around 22000 films in more than 40 languages to facilitate movie lovers. The interface and design are user-friendly that never confuses a user while downloading the subtitles.

With a single click of a download button, you get what you wish for. The automatic translation option is also available on the website that improves the rating of this site. In such scenes, you don’t get the exact copy, but you get the message through automatic translation mode. Overall, the app performs great.



If you are a true fan of watching action movies and want to understand the discussion, then download the subtitles available on this website. You can translate all your favorite movies and shows to make an impression. This is the best thing you can do to make things happen your way. A lot of languages are available on the website that you can utilize for turning your shows. You can always find the best subtitles on this web because it has stored too much data for the users. The most interesting thing is the free availability of subtitles that gets the attention of movie watchers.


TV Subs

TVsubs is a popular website used for downloading subtitles. You can download the subtitles of your favorite movie anytime. Surprisingly, the app has got more than ten thousand users. It’s an achievement for the website maker. As far as usage is concerned, you can download around 10 subtitles per day. The option of saving is also available, so enjoy translations of your favorite show with ease. Just enjoy!

Subtitle Seeker

Subtitle Seeker

Among so many popular websites, don’t forget to download the subtitles from subtitle seeker. It’s a perfect platform to get in touch with movie translation and languages you want to see. You may come across an updated database to watch shows and movies in your concerned language. The option of searching, downloading, and uploading files make this a top-rated web. You need to register to avail of the features of the app. Further, you can also download the subtitles in an XML file without facing any problem. Now, you can use it online and offline at the same time to have a fun time.

English Subtitles for DivX Movies

English Subtitles for Divx Movies

Are you crazy about watching English movies? Try this wonderful website to translate your favorite Hollywood action movies into any language you want! The site is updated and offers you a wide range of features. The interface is friendly and comes in many genres and languages. In this way, you can find so many movies already converted to some languages. It’s because of the database that has got a huge collection for movie lovers. You can download any movie subtitle without having any issues. Downloading is available in PDF format that keeps you entertained.

From English to Spanish, Brazilian, and Arabic, you can translate in multiple languages. For a demo, the website also launches movie trailers with subtitles for free. Generally speaking, the interface of the website is simple and attractive that gets your attention for sure. What are you waiting for? Download and enjoy the movie in your favorite language.

SubTitles & DivX World

Subtitles Divx Movies

There are so many websites that offer you the facility of using and downloading subtitles. Among all websites, DivX World is one of the reputed webs to deliver subtitles of various websites. You can watch your favorite movies and shoes using this exceptional platform. The database has stored around 3000 TV shows in different languages. You can make a ZIP file for downloading purposes.

Also, you can insert subtitles into the video to entertain yourself. After you add a video, it asks you about available languages that you want to see. An automatic translation facility is also available for the text missing on the web to get you an idea about the movie conversation. Further, you can download subtitle files with an SRT extension to enjoy a pleasant time.

YIFY Subtitles

Yify Subtitles

Are you planning to watch your favorite suspenseful movie in your desired language? You can use this excellent platform to get access to subtitles you want to see. The website has got a huge collection when it comes to downloading subtitles. The design of the website is also special and eye-catching which gets the attention of users.

You can find so many languages along with respective subtitles with ease. Now, the choice is yours whether you watch an action movie or suspenseful, you get the great facility of using subtitles. The search bar option is amazing that allows you to search for your favorite shows. The database is also massive that remains updated whenever you join the platform.


Addic subtitles download website

Want to watch the latest series over the web? Let’s try this superb website that offers you dozens of subtitles on easy quick research. The files are available in ZIP archives that you can download without any difficulty. No registration is required for using this site for watching your favorite shows. The website also supports your favorite series that you can watch online and save in your hard. Further, you can also upload subtitles to have some fun. In this way, you can see the multiple uses of the site.


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