3 Best Game Recording Software You Can’t Miss

Everyone loves computer games, and certainly, while playing, you wish you would record a clip at a stage or goal that you have achieved in FIFA, or a clip to beat a giant in a game, or even record a video explaining how to skip a stage in a game or do something.

Fortunately, you can actually record this clip easily using in-game video recording programs specifically. Therefore, we will review the best programs through which you can record a video or some clip directly from within the game and while playing through this topic. After recording the video, you can upload it to your YouTube channel or Facebook. And you can also share the video with your friends.

Although it may be a means of entertainment, many people record a video from inside the games of how to skip some stage or the most beautiful goals that he has achieved in FIFA or other things, and he uploads them to the YouTube channel and then gets views and makes profits from YouTube, of course, is a great way to make money, especially with the popularity of games and searches. And now we are sharing the best programs for recording video games.

Xbox Game Bar

xbox game bar

Xbox Game Bar is a standard app on Windows that can save game and app recordings and still image captures. It is a standard application built into Windows that can capture recordings and still image captures of each software, application, game, etc.

You can turn this function on / off from “Game” ⇒ “Game Bar” on the Windows 10 setting screen. It corresponds to the shortcut key. You can start/stop recording of the active window with Win + Alt + R keys and save the still image capture with Win + Alt + PrtSc keys. It does not support the recording of desktops, folders, Windows settings screens, etc.

* This is a standard Windows 10 app.

Supported OS: Windows 10


Record cast

RecordCast is a new web app that allows you to record the game with your computer screen or webcam with a small thumbnail.

It is HTML5 based so that it can protect user info very well. You can fully control it without any installation and add-on. It is totally free currently. You can record your game in the application, download it in WebM, and do further editing in its built-in video editor.

You can merge several video clips, photos, audios into one. It also allows you to split and delete any part of the video you don’t want. Text titles, background music, elements and overlays, and many more are available in this tool. After everything looks great, you can save the video in MP4 format.

Supported OS: It is a web-based tool that can be used on almost every browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, etc.


Gom Cam recording app

GOM Cam is a video capture software with a recording reservation function that can create game recordings, lecture recordings with webcams and audio input. Video capture software that supports desktop, webcam, game (DirectX / OpenGL) recording, and lecture video creation using PowerPoint.

You can capture still images/videos with the preset range (640×360 / 1280×720…) or any dragged range as the shooting target. Live draw function (addition of pen, highlighter, figure, stamp) and addition of webcam can be added to the capture range. It offers scheduled recording features that specify the start time and shooting time. Besides, it provides automatic end settings that specify the recording time and size upper limit. You can record including the mouse cursor, in HD quality, chroma-key function, split saving of recorded files. It also supports uploading to Facebook / YouTube / Google Drive.

The captured still images/videos are listed on the home screen in thumbnail/list format, and you can easily find the images/videos by registering tags.

* This software is shareware, but you can try it for free. The trial version has functional restrictions (capture time is 20 minutes, etc.).

Supported OS: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

There are other programs that you can try, such as Bandicam Taksi, and Gamecam. You can use any program you want from these wonderful programs to record video from within the games on your device and share the video with your friends on Facebook and social networks as well. I hope the topic is useful and thank you.


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