Love for Avatars is now universal. People like to create their graphical images to represent themselves and prefer Avatars to their photographic images. With the ever-increasing use of the internet, fondness for Avatars is in full swing. Avatars have a touch of creativity and they can maximize your options to wear a variety of styles, garbs and accessories to give your image unique and stunning look. Probably, this is the strongest reason of their growing popularity on social media. Now the good news for Avatars lovers is that they can create Avatar stickers on Facebook and iOS as well and use them on different posts. There are still more options for you to use them such as stories, Facebook Messenger chat and even on SnapChat, Twitter, Mail and Instagram as sticker.

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In appearance, avatars are not very different to that of Bitmoji and Memoji avatars. Using them is so common on social media that you find them on every platform. Apart from their funny look, they can also express a particular mood and to ensure this option, Facebook provides you tons of options to set facial expressions.

Their popularity also rests on the fact that creating avatars is not difficult. However, despite the fondness for avatars, it is still not possible to create them on desktop. For this particular amusement, you need to use Android and iOS devices. If you haven’t created yet any avatar, try it now. The entire process is simple and if you just follow the tips given here you can instantly create a variety of Avatar stickers and surprise your mates. For your convenience, the entire process is mentioned below in steps. Here we shall explain how you can create avatars on your iPhone or Android phone.

  • Make sure you have Facebook on your Android or iOS device.
  • Log in the Facebook app and click the hamburger menu (the three lines) on the top corner of the screen. You can find this menu in the lower right corner, if you are using an iPhone. This menu sign will appear in the upper right corner on Android phone.
  • When you will scroll down your screen you will find the words “See More”. Click these words to take start of generating your avatar.
  • It will open a window and you will find the word “Avatars”. Now click it.
  • You will now find the word “Next” and clicking it you will have “Get Started”, click it too. Here you will find 27 options to select a skin tone and similarly a variety of options for hairstyles.
  • To create your Avatar, select which color tone and hairstyles suits the best to your avatar.
  • The next step is to select the face contour and complexion. Again you have a range of options for you.
  • When you finalize color and face outline, now turn to eye shapes. Here you have plenty of options in eyes, colors and lashes and eyebrows. Try maximum options to make your avatar stunning. When done with them, choose nose, mouth, lips and their color. Once you do this, you have to select an appropriate body shape that matches well with your image.
  • Facebook also provides you an ample choice in accessories such as hat, scarf, glasses and even cat ears to decorate your avatar.
  • When you finish creating Avatar; click check mark at the top right corner.
  • To show off the Avatar, go to the top right corner again and click the arrow sign there.
  • (Remember also Facebook offers the facility of creating Avatars not in all regions. If you don’t find “Avatars” in your menu, it means this feature of Facebook is not available in your region.)

Once you finish your avatar, you have option to edit it any time with news creative touches. The process is also very simple and for this you only need only to click the “Avatars” section in the menu. The moment you click it, Facebook will show your avatar. To edit it, click the pencil icon and change it as per your likeness. If you want to delete the avatar and create new one just click trash icon and it will be removed.

Facebook also allows you to create stickers from your avatar. When you complete your avatar, you will see three icons in the right top corner of your screen. Clicking the Sticker icon, you can access all of your customized avatar stickers. Avatars are used on Facebook in multiple ways. Most commonly, people use them as their profile pictures or respond to posts when adding their comments or place them to their feed. To do this you should go to smiley face, tap it and reach the GIF icon and from here access the avatar icon and choose from the avatar stickers.

Facebook Avatars enable you to make their own, cartoonish picture of yourself. It can then be used in stickers across both Facebook and Messenger. Its creation process is very simple.

Facebook keeps it very easy here. There are not so many details on the procedure – which could be a mistake. Given that Facebook will want to appeal to previous old users who are less acquainted with the Bitmoji making process, or with the similar course of creating your likeness in a video game. This is starting days, though – many could change before the full rollout.

The formation process is also very simple – possibly too unsophisticated.

There are 11 categories that you can change to make your character, with extra color and make-up options where relevant:

The elements contains:

  • Skin tone
  • Hairstyle
  • Face shape
  • Eye shape
  • Eyewear
  • Eyebrows
  • Nose
  • Mouth
  • Facial hair
  • Body shape
  • Outfit

You can put all the pieces together as best you can. Also, you can end up with a sort of estimate of how you look, based on what you can change. Your own, little Facebook avatar character which you can share out to all your friends.

The Bitmoji app propose far more customization options, and is very easier to use in making a more precise approximation of your real-life self. Facebook’s option is focused on simplicity, which makes sense, but the end result is a little too general. You’ are essentially reliant on your key structures – like the color of your glasses or your beard. You can ensure that people even realize that it’s actually you that the character denotes.

Of course, we didn’t spend a heap of time going through it. We did look through the several options and we tried to put together something that looks like us. But it is possible that, with a bit more extra time and effort, you might come up with something a little better. Also, we would say we spent equivalent time on my Bitmoji character, and we think it’s a lot closer to looking like us.

But then again, Facebook, as mentioned, will likely be looking to appeal to an older user, who are less aware with Bitmoji. Also, without that comparison, maybe your Facebook Avatar looks really good. It can end up being a big hit. But I don’t know. Like, it’s okay, but it’s not really great, it won’t likely prompt people to open up Facebook just to show their friends how their cartoon avatar looks like.

The procedure can be pointedly enhanced by a face or image scan option which can produce an approximation of you. So as that would hypothetically reduce the creation process and effort while also improving the correctness. That’s what Facebook’s Avatars really required. Moreover, they require the character to look obviously like each user in order for the option to stand out and better in results. That could still happen, Facebook’s likely purifying the method as the rollout happens. But at present, it’s just okay.

Craze for avatar does not end here. For the last decade making avatars and using them on social media has become almost a fashion. For their popularity, they are available on many other systems. They are available on Apple as Memojis and on SnapChat as Bitmojis. Creating Memojis or Bitmojis, there are similar simple steps as you have seen in case of Facebook. The best part of avatars is that they allow you to customize the image as per your own likeness. You can deliver the funniest message through avatars and make people laugh.

Avatars are hilariously funny and help you present yourself on social media in a unique way rather than you static and drab photos. They give you the best option of turning your image into eye-grabbing cartoons that let your friends and family members smile.

With their availability on Facebook makes your chats and comments more interesting than ever. If you haven’t used this option, give it a try today. We hope that this article will be useful for you. Share with your friends and family and tell us your experience in comments. Get entry on social media with your funny cartoony character and gets tons of likes. You have plenty of options to dramatize your avatar with hairstyles, dresses, glasses and much more.


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