How to Make a 3D Avatar using Instagram

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you must be well aware of the concept of Avatar. Today we are bringing you a brand-new Avatar maker app, which is Instagram. You may be wondering why a social sharing giant needs to have such features, in the first place. The simple reason is, the importance of Avatar in the Metaverse. Metaverse and Instagram both are powered by the Meta. To get started in the Metaverse everyone needs to have an Avatar. Therefore, Meta is slowly releasing updates and tools to engage audience of its different platforms to ultimately use Metaverse. Further, these 3D persons might be a big reason for your popularity and success in the Metaverse.

Although, we have covered many Avatar maker apps in the past on this blog but having a daily driver app that can also provide you a cool options to produce something amazing, is a blessing in a disguise. Instagram offers many customizations to structure your own avatar, for example you can produce an avatar that can be your exact match cartoonish version or something different altogether, the choice is yours. That’s why, we are bringing simple steps to get you started in no time.

How to Make Instagram Avatar on Mobile (Android and iPhone)?

  1. Open Instagram setting than tap Account and tap on Avatar option.
  2. Now select your skin tone, eye color, eyebrow shapes, hair colors and styles; ton of options to play with.
  3. Now select body shape, outfit, and accessories of your choice.
  4. Save changes and Instagram will generate a whole pack of stickers that is ready to use in stories and DMs (Direct).

These are the simple steps to follow, But too many customizations required a good amount of time and effort, to get a something perfect, That is not only appealing but elegant as well.

How to edit or customize your Avatar in this app?

Simply tap Account and then avatar option to edit the previously generated 3D cartoon. One of the best thing about this tool is; you will enjoy a smooth experience while trying and applying different outfits, styles and accessories. You can also use camera mirror option to make a cartoon exactly looking alike you in the app. And then apply all the customizations you want on your 3D model.

How to Make a 3D Avatar using Instagram on PC (Windows/Mac/Linux)?

Currently, Instagram avatar maker is only available on mobile apps (Android/iOS), therefore You cannot make an Instagram Avatar on Windows and Mac browsers. Although the modern browsers are well capable of completing any 3D randering, but that’s the case for now. Hopefully company, will provide options to play around on the Pc in the future.

How to find your Avatar on instagram?

Once you generated a stylish sticker pack, you can access it via menu icon of stickers available on the DM window or stories creation tool window in Instagram under Avatar icon.

How to Download your Complete Avatar sticker Pack from Instagram?

Complete pack of these stickers cannot be downloaded currently. This sticker pack can be only used on Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger. It is not available for WhatsApp even.

The 3D cartoons are the future of Internet (i.e., Virtual Reality/Metaverse). Today you might be using these free stickers to enrich your chat with personalized touch like emoji’s, GIFS used in the Past. But soon you need these Avatars to represent your presence in the virtual world. There are many dedicated tools available to play around with these 3D characters on next level, like Bitmoji, Memoji and AR emoji. you might already using in these apps. Do let us know in the comments, Is Instagram avatar maker is better than Bitmoji/Memoji and AR emoji? Best cartoon app faviourt tool is Bitmoji for this Job. We are keen to know about yours.

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