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It is easy now to turn your photo into cartoon with mobile apps, and we have covered many such apps in the past on this blog. Today we are going to discuss the top cartoon avatar maker software for Pc/windows. You may be wondering, when its easy to just use your phone to give cartoonish effect to a picture, why we need a PC program to convert our photo into cartoon? The answer is simple, although the mobiles phones are a lot powerful than the past phones. But still the functionality on the mobile phones is limited, you cannot control every aspect of the photo according to your desire. PC photo editing tools are very powerful and offer tons of customization. Which are not possible on mobile phones yet. Let’s roll to the avatar maker collection:


A very powerful tool that make building avatar very easy on the PC. is the best free alternative of Photoshop. Drawing shapes, adding artistic effects to you phots to make them cartoonish is simple in this windows program. Its active community helps you in getting some skills in photo editing in no time.

To make your perfect avatar, all you need is import photo in the program and make some layers, apply artistic effects from the menu and bingo. There are many tutorials available on YouTube to helps you get this job done. i.e.,

FotoSketch – Avatar Maker

If you are looking for free and simple solution of turning your photos into the cartoon, then Foto Sketch windows program is for you. You can generate some stunning design of sculpture in this program for free.  20+ cartoonish effects to make cool avatar in sec. This program also includes effects like pencil sketches, watercolor painting, pen drawing and ink drawing etc. The best thing this program is also available for MacOS.

Sketch Me!

Another easy solution to convert any picture into cartoon on PC in one click. Sketch Me offer special effects to make sketching effortless. Once you applied the effect, you can further customize the avatar by adjusting brightness, sharping edge, saturation, and contrast.

These days, its easy to turn any photo into cartoon from you mobile devices. The PC softwares are although very powerful but they are very complicated. Therefore, we have made a list of some simplest programs which can covert your photo into cartoon in one click. If you looking for a more advance level of cartoon avatar maker PC softwares then you can look into below list. These progams are used in the main stream industry to produce actual cartoon characters. Thus these professional level softwares have no match in functionality and power with the mobile programs.

Adobe Animate 

Adobe Character Animator

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

If you use any of these softwares in the past, do let us know about your experience in the comments below. If you are trying any of these avatar maker softwares by the way of Best Cartoon, we are keen to know your experience.

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