Top Apps for Writers and Freelancers

If you want to do your business of freelancing or become writers writing from your mobile phone, then this article is for you. So, if you are a content writer / writers, freelancer or any type of writer you will surely use your mobile for that purpose. There are several top apps for writers and Freelancers which they can use easily with the mobile phones in the hands.

Top Apps for Writers and Freelancers

In this article, will introduce you to some top Apps for Writers and Freelancers.

Trello for Android / iOS-Top Apps for Writers and Freelancers

Trello top Apps for Writers and Freelancers

This is very interesting project management app for writers and freelancers. Also, you can use this top app for Writers and Freelancers to manage your freelancing work alongwith your personal documents.

Also, amazing thing about top Apps for Writers and freelancers that you can make different type of boards for each of your project. Moreover, every task can had different type of lists. Every list can have any type of cards to manage your important tasks easily. Also, if the writers are working on mega projects then you can invite others. You can share the progress with your clients.

Moreover, you can use this top app for writers and freelancers for free of cost. However, if the writers need more boards then you have to get a subscription. There is also good news that free boards are mostly enough for working. So, you can manage up to 10 tasks or projects in one go.

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Grammarly for Android / iOS

Grammarly Freelancing writing apps for free android iOS iPhone

This is also the best application for Writers and Freelancers. Mostly in writers work, you will made little to no mistakes as a professional. So, you have to proofread too before submitting any project. A little effort will not hurt and there comes the Grammarly.

So, Grammarly writing application for freelancers and writers work great on Android and iOS / iPhone. Also, it gives the best suggestions to writers while typing with keyboard.

Moreover, it’s a free application. It also has advanced features for more clear writing, for that you need to have a subscription. Overall, it’s a very good application for writers and freelancers.

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Evernote for Android / iOS

Evernote application for writers top free

You can easily write your thoughts and ideas with this top application for writers and freelancers. Writers can even take notes by your voice if they don’t want to type. Also, it is available on several platforms. So, writers can get easy access to all their notes on any device.

However, it also has amazing tools which needs a subscription. Also, if you are a starter, free version will be enough for you and it offers all the necessary tools.

Upwork for Android / iOS-Top Apps for Writers and Freelancers

Upwork Apps for Writers and Freelancers

We hope that you have probably heard about Upwork as freelancer or writers. However, not everyone likes the application. But, its still one of the top websites for writing / writers and freelancing online jobs especially for beginners.

Moreover, if you are a regular user / writers of Upwork, you will like to have the application with you all the time. So, you can always available on the platform which surely will give you benefit over other freelancers.

Fiverr for Android / iOS

Fiverr freelancing Apps for Writers and Freelancers

This is also an application like Fiverr freelancing platform. Also, it is very important if you are doing writing / writers or freelancing work. If you are looking for online jobs and want to available for your clients this is the best platform for you. It is very easy setup to start your online job. Also, you can interact quickly with your clients.

Slack for Android / iOSApps for Writers and Freelancers

Slack Top apps for Writing and Freelancing online jobs

If you are working with big companies or organizations then they might invite you to their workspace on Slack. Also, it is fast and simple platform to engage with your co-workers and clients without using formal ways like emails whenever you need to contact.

So, it is a great application to have on device like android or on iOS. Also, you can change your setting easily. Moreover, you will not get notifications outside your working hours. So, you will not be disturbed late night.


So, these are some of the top Apps for Writers and Freelancers by the We hope that it will give benefit to you for your writing and freelancing work.

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