Fastest Browser for Android 2022

Over the years, Android Web Browsers have improved tremendously, even in some cases they offer a better browsing experience (functionality) than desktop browsers. Although many desktop browsers have an equivalent mobile version now, but all are not as smooth as on the desktop. So today we are going to explore, what are the top android web browsers in the Play store market. And which one you should use as your daily driver. Let’s roll.


These are handpicked list of top android browser, each one of them, have some unique features, which you may try or need, explore these amazing browser for android one by one and pick the one best that suits you most.

Google Chrome: Fast & Secure

You can enjoy the best browsing experience on the mobile using Google chrome. It is super-fast and smooth. You can pin the most visited website at the Homepage of the google chrome browser. It also provides personalized news feeds at the Homepage. Translate websites instantly and seamlessly in the default language. With google web security features, malware and virus sites are blocked automatically. Further, you can sync your bookmarks, passwords and browsing history on all your devices; Desktop or mobile. You can download photos and movies and cartoon videos on the google chrome rapidly.

Incognito browsing helps you in surfing with without leaving a single trace. One of the unique features of the chrome for android is a that you can tap of any word on any site and tap to search feature is activated, with which you can still view the dictionary meaning of the word, or information related the query without leaving the webpage. Google voice search is also supported in the chrome for android now. Everyday Google post new and improved features in this app, you can now enjoy group tab browsing in it. You can also enable pinch to zoom in the accessibility setting.

Google chrome currently does not support the web extension like ads blocker, screen manager etc. and some users may also avoid it due to privacy issue with google; Google may have more information regarding your browsing habits thus track/market you with more personalized level ads experience.

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Opera Mini – fast web browser

Opera mini browser is very powerful, lightweight and blasting fast web browser, as it offers several themes and custom functionalities (colors, Shortcuts, etc.). It saves your expensive mobile data with optimal data saving mode and by blocking annoying ads. Further, you can browser safely and protect your privacy with private mode built-in the opera mini. This web browser for android also offers news feed, but the best thing about these news feeds is, you can download them when on the Wi-fi and enjoy reading in the offline mode. Its web video player awesome for YouTube and other video sites.

You can download, listen and watch mp3 and videos in this browser. Further, you can also share downloaded files with its offline file sharing feature. One of the best features of the opera mini is its night mode, which helps in staying online in the night without hearting your eyes. You can also view trending searches and news from the opera mini. It is the most recommend android web browser for slow internet.

Opera mini browser does not support browser extensions currently. Its also designed for lower end android devices such as android phones with 16 GB storage and 1 to 2 GB of RAM. With More and more power android devices with each year passing, its might be a good idea to use a mini browser on a powerful android device.

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Samsung Internet Browser

These days, Samsung build some top-notch mobile devices and beautiful mobile displays. But its mobile software is also very valuable such as a stunning browser that support dark mode, Smart Anti-Tracking, tabbed browsing with privacy and security. It’s the default browser on the Samsung android devices, but you can also enjoy its features on the other android mobile phones as well. It is simple, secure and provide one the best experience on the galaxy mobile devices. It provides extensions to improve your browsing experience such as ads blocker, Translator and WTO (Web of trust).

You can also view and consume high quality digital content with ease using Samsung Internet browser. Further, websites can be viewed in desktop mode and secret mode. Downloaded files can be directly managed in the browser with view, delete and move features.  One of the best features of this browser is, its android WearOS version, where you can view YouTube, Facebook and surf the web on the watch. Samsung have recently introduced a secret downloading mode in the same.

Due to its samsung identity many users may avoid it, as its have a more clean and efficient experience on galaxy samsung devices.

UC Mini-Download Video Status & Movies

If you want to download large files, seasons or movies on your android phone than UC browser is here for you. You can watch and download the videos in HD quality further its night mode helps you in viewing it comfortably at night. You can quickly search from the notification area using this mobile browsing app. Like all modern browsers its support incognito mode. One of the best features of this browser is its ability to provide video status download options to share with your WhatsApp friends and family.

It has modern Home Page that is linked with your most favorite websites and video feed to like and share. With incognito mode, it also has adblocker. One of the unusual features of this app is face change video making in this android browser. As this browser offers several media content, therefore it has huge numbers of ads, that may be annoy some users.

Firefox Fast & Private Browser

Firefox is a popular web browser on the Pc additionally it has an android companion. An android version that is backed by non-profit organization. Its Home Page includes recent searches and browsing history, to quick back to from where you left. Like Google chrome it has Seamless integration with desktop and android version. Firefox offers enhance tracking protection and private mode. Further, the addons are available on mobile version as well. One of the cool features of Firefox is that you can position the address bar according to your preference i.e., bottom or top.

Some users find it slower than the native browser in the android devices.

Opera Browser: Fast & Private

Opera is also offering a more powerful and fast browser for android. The difference between opera mini and opera browser are;

Opera Browser

Opera mini

Built-in VPN No built-in VPN
QR & Barcode scanner No QR & Barcode scanner
Client-side web data processing Server-side web data processing
Bigger size and powerful engine Minimum size and efficient power engine
 More storage, ram and battery usage Minimum storage, ram and battery usage
Suitable for High end android devices Suitable for Lower end devices

as the Opera browser are bigger in the size from opera mini, and its do web processing on the device, its process pages more fastly on the device with premium design language.

You may not able to download videos as you can do in the UC browser in this browser.

Phoenix Browser – Fast & Safe

This android browser is very small in the size (8 Mb currently) but can offer all the features that a top android browser can offer including Speed dial, Multiple tab browsing, Night mode, Translator, Video downloading, WhatsApp status downloading, Adblocking, Bookmarks and history, Private mode or incognito mode, Trending news, Super download manager and Data saving. Although it does not have a VPN built in.

Dolphin Web Browser–Fast Private Internet Search

Dolphin browser is probably the best android browser you need for your day to day browsing needs. This browser for android offers some unique features such as;

  • HTML5 video player and flash player support in 2022
  • It is the best pop-up ads blocker
  • Gestures support for many browsing actions
  • Talk to your browser with Sonar feature
  • Many Addons; Screenshot, PDF Converter and PDF editor, Battery Saver, dropbox addon etc.

Even Dolphin web browser have advanced features, some users find it difficult to work with, as you can say Dolphin browser is designed for pro level users.

Yandex Browser with Protect

This browser for android is efficient, secure and stylish. Yandex browser have some great features like;

  • Quick access to your favorite sites, search engines and weather information on the home tab.
  • Instant answers to your search queries in the address bar.
  • Built-in gallery of colorful backgrounds for styling your browsing experience.
  • Synching between devices to get access to your open tabs, Passwords, web history and bookmarks
  • Reader mode and surf the web in private mode

Yandex browser is a beauty with the beast inside, but some users may avoid as it is slightly slower than alternatives such as Dophin or Firefox for android.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo is popular due to its high end privacy protection of users. Now its offering same high level of privacy protection on android with its very own privacy browser. You can privately search (anonymously), view emails privately so emails cannot track your behaviour etc. DuckDuckGo web engine automatically block millions of trackers in the background.

Duck Duck Go browser does have VPN support yet. And its also lack many regular features as offered by other android browsers.

As you can see all the android browsers have unique features and you can select pretty easily by going through best cartoon app best android browser list.

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