Top Widgets for Android Smartphone

Widgets are very small apps which you can put on the main screen of your android smartphone. Also, top widgets for android smartphone are used to get fast updates like weather, calendar etc. Moreover, sometimes these widgets for android smartphone can switch features like music or taking notes.

Top Widgets for Android Smartphones

Most of the top widgets for android smartphone are free of cost and available in the play store. has a list of some top Widgets for Android Smartphone.

Chronus Information Widgets

Chronus information top widgets for android smartphone mobile

This is a top android widget that can provide all the information you need. Also, it gathers an application for weather, widget for news, tracker for fitness, widget for time, to do application, widget for calendar and many more. This top gadget application for android can put the all on the main screen. So, these amazing top widgets for android can give all the information in single view.

So, you don’t require to install any other widget for android to get the information. Also, they will not use much battery. Moreover, these top widgets for android smartphone can be customized easily. You can select that how the data displays on your screen. You can change colors, themes and appearance. However, if you want to avoid ads, you need to get a subscription. Also, you can get extra features with that.

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Overdrop-Top Widgets for Android

Overdrop top widgets for android sm

This is a top android widget to get the information about weather. Also, you can check the forecast almost every minute from different servers. You can also check the free forecast for the next 5 days. Moreover, it shows battery status on your home screen.

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Month: Calendar Widget– Top Widgets for Android

Month Calendar Widget

This application has a collection of different widgets for calendar. Also, it has Ninety plus themes. Moreover, it has any launcher with wallpapers and different layouts. This top gadgets for android smartphone show calendar events, birthdays and to do lists. It has support for lunar calendar. This android app is compatible with google calendar. So, you don’t need to transfer data.

TickTick:To-do list & Tasks

Tick Tick widget for android

This is a perfect widget for android especially for to do list for main screen. Also, you can select the style of widget according to your need and choice. For example, you can choose minimal calendar or simple to do list style to remember easily.

Also, the free version allows two reminders per task. So, you don’t have to think about the forgetting something. This app will really help you in this regard.

Google Keep – Notes and Lists

Google Keep to do list reminder calendar

This is one of the top applications for taking notes on android smartphones. Now, it offers a widget for your home screen and easy access to your notes.

It offers double widget option like note list and Quick Capture. It’s a mini bar with shortcuts that can be used to make standard notes and image note. Also, you can pin the list of notes on home screen of android smartphone. Moreover, you can share these notes with your family and friends.


These are some finest and top Widgets for Android smartphone in 2022. You can share these suggestions with your friends and family and get reviews for your choice.

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